José María Zubía Ciagarán, Mari or Aita Mari was a sailor and fisherman who became a hero due to the sea rescues he took part on. Throughout his life, he joined countless rescues. He deceased on the 9th of January 1866, after saving the life of some sailors, in an extraordinary storm that hit the Cantabrian sea.

For us it is clear: People always save the People.

Following the trail left by this sailor, PROEM-AID and SMH have united their strength, sharing a target: to work in the “death row” of the Mediterranean Sea.

Following the wake of this seafarer, PROEM-AID from Seville and SMH from Gipuzkoa have gathered together with the aim of working during this summer in the ” Mediterranean death corridor” off the Libyan coast. Last year 5,100 people lost their lives in this place and only this year, more than 1,300 deaths were reported in the first months. (*)

The policy established by the European Union through the resolutions of the European Council, is to only control the migrants flow. This is shown by an ACTIVE ATTITUDE of containment, by using the Mediterranean Sea as a natural barrier where the high mortality in its waters would mean a prevention for those who extend their hand asking for help to the other shore. This way, we condemn them to slavery, war, sexual violence, organ trafficking and finally, death.

In view of the growing lack of concern of the European authorities who are far from providing a dignified and effective solution to the current and growing crisis, the independent organizations are the only force, working on their own, to avoid the greatest genocide of this century.

We do not have the solution to conflicts, but we cannot remain blank to so much suffering and death of those who find no other alternative but to risk their lives in the sea, fleeing a certain death in their countries of origin.

We kindly ask you to come with us in this project of life since we need the help of those who believe, that a lack of future in your born place is not a reason to lose life.

We are volunteers, we do work by dedicating our time and money to a necessary human cause, and we definitely need the help of every single person who wants to help us to save lives.

We are going to report every detail concerning the project. We want everyone to be a part of it. So if you agree, we invite you to follow the project and to make a donation at:

(*) The official figures do not include those who have disappeared in the sea. Only recovered bodies are counted. So it is easy to reckon that the estimated number of drowned people is at least twice as the official number.


We are PROEM-AID and SMH, two rescue and healthcare associations working in the Aegean Sea since November 2015;currently, SMH continues with his mission in the island of Chios.
We both work and develop a common philosophy based on voluntary work, solidarity and humankind. Our similar philosophy prompted us to rescue those that have lost everything and want to find a way to continue with their life.


For further information concerning PROEM-AID (click here) and for further information concerning SMH (click here)


MAYDAYTERRANEO Aita Mari project needs an equipped boat, part of the crew must be professional, fuel for every 15 days tide, equipment and food for the ship crew and resources to serve with guarantee those we are going to rescue. The 4 months of project infrastructure that we intend to cover need a total amount of 250.000,00 €. 50.000,00 € will be donated as a start by the two organizations. The rest relies on people like you who is reading this.

We believe it is necessary to put a boat in the area. On May 7, the damages and the absence of some of the ships in the area where they currently work, ended up in a dramatic scene when the boats that were in the area were surpassed by the situation. It is necessary to strengthen and spread out the work to avoid further deaths in the area.

You can also make a direct contribution by BANK TRANSFER

IBAN: ES92 3035 0235 22 2350038982  BIC/SWIFT: CLPEES2MXXX

Altogether, we are going to save lives.


Our decision to go to the central Mediterranean sea is born of the needs that are showing up in the area, as a result of a convulsive and difficult international situation that is dragging so many people to risk their lives in this region (water).

For further information, please follow this link where you will find a memory with the analysis of the situation and the reasons why we think it necessary to take this step. You will also find the budget details and the human and material requirements of this project.


In response to the information flow accusing NGOs to take profit from human trafficking, we will publish the balance of the project here. Both incomes and expenses will be separated and clearly displayed.

The initial project is to last 4 months, if we finally obtain a higher amount than the necessary funds and means, we will extend the mission as long as necessary or possible.

Raised to February 4th: 20.000 €